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From a group of vacationing worshippers on a front porch in 1892 to a full-time parish housed in an architectural gem, see how Trinity has grown over the years, yet remained, in essence, a small country church.


Trinity Episcopal Church was founded in 1892 by a group of Mount Pocono summer vacationers, including the prolific church architect Thomas P. Lonsdale, who donated plans for a sanctuary that was built on a wooded plot of the Pocono mountains in 1896.


Originally built as a summer chapel, the sanctuary became known as an unusually beautiful space for worship, with soaring stained glass windows designed by Nicola D’Ascenzo. On the day of its consecration, the Rev. Dr. Loring Batten included in his sermon the words that would set a standard for all future additions to the church:


"Everything shall be done on the assumption that anything that is to be devoted to the service of God must, above all things, be not only appropriate but, as far as may be possible, beautiful."


Over the last 125 years, Trinity has grown from a part-time summer chapel into a vibrant, inclusive parish with social justice-oriented ministries serving the needy in our local community. As our congregation has as times grown to well over a hundred parishioners, we’ve mindfully expanded our footprint here in the woods of Mount Pocono. From our Great Parish Hall to a rectory, offices, classrooms, kitchen, library, and labyrinth, each addition and improvement has lovingly adhered to the standards of enduring beauty Rev. Dr. Batten outlined in his original sermon.

[Read the full detailed version of our history here.]

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