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Our members are making a positive impact in the community. To volunteer with any of the ministries below, contact the Parish Office at 570-839-9376 or

Food Panty

Trinity is one of five local churches that founded the Pocono Mountain Ecumenical Hunger Ministry. This food pantry feeds approximately 200 local families every month, adhering to Covid protocols so that clients can drive through and pick up food without entering the building. Volunteers unload trucks, stock shelves and pack food bags for distribution to clients on the first Wednesday and Saturday of each month. The food pantry welcomes volunteers and monetary donations. 

Family Promise

Family Promise is a national nonprofit, nondenominational organization for homeless families in transition. It provides shelter and works with parents to help them rebuild their lives and achieve their education, employment, and housing goals. Trinity is one of several participating churches in the Monroe County Family Promise network. Each Tuesday, we prepare and deliver an evening meal for families enrolled in the program. Family Promise is always in need of volunteers. 

Pastoral Care & Prayer Requests

We believe in a healing, compassionate God who cares for everyone. We offer pastoral care of many kinds, including spiritual counseling, hospital and hospice visits, and bringing Holy Eucharist and companionship to the homebound. We regularly pray for each other's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. You can submit prayer requests by calling or emailing the church office.

Racial Justice

At Trinity, we believe that recognizing and actively working to end systemic racism is one of the most urgent callings of our time. We believe that God loves all equally, but that too often, our society has given greater advantages to those who are white, and put a lesser value on the lives of people of color. Along with the Diocese of Bethlehem, we have made a commitment to racial justice and reconciliation, working to make sure God’s Beloved Community not just welcomes but empowers all of God’s children. We have held book study and discussion groups to examine systemic racism and the barriers to equally and prosperity that black Americans and other people of color have consistently faced. Through prayer and ongoing conversation, we are discerning future efforts and ministries to help foster racial justice.  

Kneeling Protestors
AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous meets in our Parish Hall on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays at 8pm. 

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