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All Are Welcome

We hope that you will find the information that you are seeking
and that it will lead you to us.

Trinity Episcopal Church is a member of The Anglican Communion. We are nestled in the woods just south of the town of Mount Pocono on Trinity Hill Road. In the winter, when the trees are bare, we are visible form the highway. However, this is not true during the summer months when the lush trees fill in.

Our Church building is over a hundred years old, having been built in 1896. The interior is dark pine with brass fixtures and beautiful stained glass. Our brass lighting fixtures are the original gas burning lamps that once lit the Church at the end of the 19th century. They've been refitted for electricity and remind us of our historic beginning.

In our worship, we make full use of The Book of Common Prayer as well as the supplemental liturgical materials, which are continually being developed by the Standing Liturgical Commission of the Episcopal Church. Our organist and choir lead us in music from the Hymnal 1982 and the Supplemental Hymnal, Wonder, Love & Praise.

Children are welcome at Trinity. We are delighted to have them at worship. We also provide some options for parents, including a nursery and Children's Chapel with Godly Play during the Ministry of the Word. These are options, and the choice is up to the parents of each child. Children are welcome here!

Trinity Episcopal Church has been noted for a congregation that is about the most welcoming that some have ever known! We reflect the great diversity of the community we are in, and we rejoice in that truth about ourselves.

All who come to Trinity Episcopal Church find themselves welcome here.

All baptized Christians are invited to the Lord's Table.
The bread is received in the open palm, the wine by holding the bottom of the cup, or by dipping the bread in the wine.
If you wish a blessing, cross your arms over your chest. Please join us for fellowship after the service.
Please sign the visitor's book on the stand at the entrance.
We welcome any information you might share using the card in the pews.

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Phone: (570) 839-9376
Fax: (570) 839-7277

All Are Welcome

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